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The Toad-Flax

Order Item FWF-P28


Antique botanical print from series titled "Familiar Wild Flowers" published by Cassell and Company, Ltd between 1878-1884. Illustrated and described by Frederick Edward Hulme who was born March 1841 in Hanley, Staffordshire, England and moved to London in 1844. He began studying art at South Kensington in 1858. In 1870 he was hired as art and drawing master at Marlborough College. In 1886 he was made professor of geometrical drawing at King's College. In 1896 he was made professor of geometrical and freehand drawing, again at King's College. He published and illustrated several works before passing away April 1909 in Kew, England.

This particular print is of a flowering plant, Linaria vulgaris. The Toad-Flax is met with commonly throughout England. A perennial, in bloom from July to October, it is ordinarily between one and two feet high. Its stems and leaves are of what is termed botanically a glaucous green- a term employed to express a pale bluish tint of green accompanied by a slight bloom on the surface. The leaves are very numerous, long and narrow in form. The flowers are large, of a pale but beautifully pure tint of yellow over most of the blossom, but having one portion a deep rich orange. It is asserted that the smell of the flowers is very obnoxious to flies, and that they may be kept out of a room by keeping Toad-Flax in it.

Print measures 5" wide X 7 1/2" tall and is in excellent condition for the age. Four descriptive text pages containing two charming black and white drawings are included with the purchase of this fine print.

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