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Advertising Covers

Lot #1497

US Advertising Cover - Better Sox Knitting Mills.
Fort Atkinson Wisconsin to Chester Pennsylvania 1919. Great use of color on this commercial cover from Better Sox Knitting Mills. Minor wear and a rough corner don’t detract much from the overall impact.


Lot #1493

US Advertising Cover - The Chautauquan Magazine.
Meadville PA to Boston MA ca. 1883. Illustrated cover advertising The Chautauquan magazine. Well preserved cover franked with a US Scott #210. Chautauqua was an adult education movement in the United States highly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Chautauqua assemblies expanded and spread throughout rural America until the mid-1920s. The Chautauqua brought entertainment and culture for the whole community with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers and specialists of the day.


Lot #1507

US Advertising Cover - The Simon Manufacturing Company.
Boston MA to Utica NY 1906. Striking ram logo with matching enclosure. Somewhat “grubby” but still highly desirable.


Lot #1508

US Advertising Cover - T.F Kimball.
Delta OH to Los Angeles CA ca. 1920s. Brilliant cover. Nicely franked with a Scott #537 and a full Ford Motor Cars ad on reverse.


Lot #1499

US Advertising Cover - Empire Railway Specialties.
Boston MA to Lynn MA 1920 . All around nice piece with good advertising art.


Lot #1494

US Advertising Cover - Pillsbury's Best.
South Schodack to Buffalo NY 1899. Early multicolor ad cover from W.J. & C.P. Masten. Franked with a US Scott #279B with nice clear postal markings.


Lot #1495

US Advertising Cover - Musical Instruments.
Boston to West Somerville MA 1892. C.S. Norris and Company dealers of musical instruments. Franked with a US Scott #220.


Lot #1498

US Advertising Cover - New England Broom Corn Co.
Boston Mass to Syracuse New York 1919. Nice advertising cover with long flag cancel. Note the small tear on the right side.


Lot #1500

US Advertising Cover - Worcester Salt.
Allentown to Catasauqua PA 1894. Strauss and Kleppinger Wholesale Grocers.


Lot #1501

US Advertising Cover - Pine Bros. Glycerine Tablets.
Philadelphia PA 1923. Window envelope with early Pine Bros. logo.


Lot #1502

US Advertising Cover - Rubber Boots.
Boston MA to Mishawaka IN 1898. Nice vintage advertising piece for Sage and Co. - agents for Colchester Rubber Boots.


Lot #1504

US Advertising Cover - Publisher. Boston to Lunenburgh MA 1891.
Silver-Burdett and Co. text book publisher. Unusual color and illustration.


Lot #1505

US Advertising Cover - Dupont.
Wilmington DE to Boston MA 1916. Simple early classic brand.


Lot #1506

US Advertising Cover - Musical Instrument Dealer.
Allentown to Red Hill PA 1901. G.C. Aschback importer of and dealer in Pianos and Organs and all kinds of Musical Merchandise.


Lot #1490

US Advertising Cover - Woodcock Macaroni.
Corning to Elmira New York 1911. J.B. Malty and Company - Woodcock Macaroni. Multicolor illustrations front and back, and long wavy flag cancel distinguish this somewhat damaged cover.


Lot #1492

US Advertising Cover - Singer Bros. Luggage.
Chicago Illinois to Tucson Arizona ca. 1930.