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Welcome back to the Arlington Stamp Company, your home for quality, affordable stamps and covers. Every item for sale is pictured and described. On this page you'll find a unique selection of first quality covers showing the very high rates paid during Germany's hyper-inflation period of the early 1920s. There's something here for every taste and budget. You can order with complete confidence. We’re dedicated to making stamp collecting fun, and passionate about making our customers happy.

How to Order: We keep things simple here at the Arlington Stamp Company. There is no shopping cart or other automation – all communication is conducted by e-mail at Shipping is a low $1.00 regardless of how many items you order. For full information on ordering please see How To Order

German Inflation Covers

Lot #1464

German Inflation Cover – to Essex, England. October 26, 1923. Franked for 30,000,000 marks with a strip of three Scott #286, (10,000,000 marks).


Lot #1524

German Inflation Cover – Berlin (Charlottenburg). October 27, 1923. Franked for 4,000,000 marks with 4 Scott #281 (1,000,000 marks).


Lot #1525

German Inflation Cover - Zwickau to Zurich. September 15, 1923. Commercial cover cleanly franked for 200,000 marks with a pair of Scott #209 (100,000 marks) and a sharp cancel.


Lot #1465

German Inflation Cover - local. August 9, 1923. Franked for 400 marks with block of four Scott #229 (100 marks).


Lot #1511

German Inflation Cover – Berlin. October 19, 1923. Franked for 5,000,000 marks with a solo Scott #285.


Lot #1526

German Inflation Post Card - Berlin (Charlottenburg) to Frankfurt. July 6, 1923. Franked for 120 marks with Scott #191 (20 marks) and #229 (100 marks).


Lot #1512

German Inflation Cover – Berlin. August 21, 1923. Franked for 1,000 marks with a pair of Scott #157 (200 mark) and a pair of Scott #231 (300 mark).