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Lot #1473

Australia Scott #780 - #783. Gold Rush Era (Sketches by S.T. Gill). Mint never hinged.


Lot #1513

Bangladesh Scott #383a Butterflies. Harder-to-find block of four stamps show Danaus chrysippus, Precis almanac, Ixias pyrene, and Danaus plexippus. Mint never hinged. 1990.


Lot #1466

Belgium Railroad Parcel Post – An assortment of 37 different. Nothing too hard to find. A good inexpensive lot for a specialist looking for cancels or someone just getting started in this fascinating area.


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Lot #1412

45 Different Bolivia Mint and Used.

Includes mint and used, definitives and commemoratives, with some earlies. Overall nice, good quality lot.


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Lot #1421

Chile Scott #15. Used - nice clean stamp.


Lot #1486

Cayman Islands #676. Reef Life Souvenir Sheet. Trivial wear at corners. Attractive 1994 sheet shows a great variety of marine life: Queen Angelfish (Holocanthus cillaris); Spotfin Hogfish (Bodianus pulchellus), Porkfish (Anisotremus virginicus); Rock Beauty (Holocanthus tricolor), Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto); French angelfish (Pomacanthus paru), and Banded Butterflyfish (Chaeton striatus).


Lot #1489

Cayman Islands #693 - #698. Sea Turtles. Mint never hinged. Nice marine life topical set. Shows a variety of sea turtles: Green; Kemp’s Ridley; Hawksbill; Leatherback; Loggerhead; and Pacific Ridley.


Lot #1487

Cayman Islands #758. Royal Air Force 80th Anniversary Souvenir Sheet. Great addition for an airplane topical collection. Shows classic military aircraft: Airco DH-9; Spad 13 Scout; Airspeed Oxford; and Martin Baltimore.


Lot #1488

Cayman Islands #709. Queen Mother Souvenir Sheet.


Lot #1421

Chile Scott #15. Used - nice clean stamp.


Lot #1420

Chile Scott #19. Mint stamp with disturbed gum and light pencil marking - looks nice.


Lot #1462

China (PRC) Scott #2380 - #2381 Storks. Mint never hinged. Set of two shows the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) and the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia).


Lot #1430

China 2009 Fenghuang - Ancient Town. Mint never hinged.


Lot #1431

China 2009 Huang Long Scenic Area. Mint never hinged.


Lot #1432

China 2009 Zhangzhou Woodprint. Mint never hinged. Four stamp series celebrating the tradition of Zhangzhou New Year's Woodprints. The stamps are titled: Lion Holding in Mouth a Sword; The Coming Flood of Wealth; Goddess Sending Children; and Rat Marrying off Its Daughter.


Lot #1434

China 2009 World Stamp Exposition. Mint never hinged. To commemorate the 2009 World Stamp Exhibition held in China, more than 20 countries (including China) produced special stamps featuring the peony. These artfully produced embossed stamps show a Carmine Pot with Design of Dragon and Phoenix Playing with Peony and a Cloisonne Enamel Grass Holder with the Design of Brance-tangled Peony.


Lot #1436

China 2009 Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Mint never hinged. Note that there are some blind perfs along the tops of several stamps in the set giving a very slight raggy appearance. Still a very nice looking set. Bargain priced.


Lot #1419

Republic of China (Taiwan) Scott #3875-#3878. A nice mint set in the tradition of Taiwan's immensely popular and attractive historic arts and pottery stamps.


Lot #1443

Colombia Scott #C355. Centennial of Colombian Postage Stamps. Excellent condition.


Lot #1444

Colombia Scott #C372. 8th Pan-American Highway Congress.


Lot #1445

Colombia Scott #C396. President Alfonzo Lopez.


Lot #1446

Colombia Scott #C419. Sports.


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