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German Banknotes Showing Hyperinflation

As a stamp collector I've had a long fascination with the hyperinflation that gripped Germany in the years between the two world wars, so I enjoyed coming across these old German banknotes at a bourse outside of Baltimore. Running from 1910 to 1923 they show demoninations ranging from 20 Mark to a jaw dropping 1,000,000,000 Mark. I should apologize for posting them in reverse chronological order. I'm biased toward thinking the high denomination paper money is more fun.

These notes are not for sale, but you might be interested in our offering of German Inflation Covers.

For more information on hyperinflation and the collapse of German currency see my Coin Spot article Notgeld: German Emergency Money 1914-1923. You can also read the Hobbizine article The Stamps of Germany's Inflation Period to learn about the stamps from this period.

A 1000 Mark note overprinted with 1 Milliard Mark in 1923.
The note was never issued without the overprint.
A milliard is equal to the English language billion - a 1 followed by 9 zeros.
The note was issued by Reichsbankdirektion Berlin and features the image of German mintmaster Jorg Herz.

A 1923 100,000 Mark note
Issued by Reichsbankdirektion Berlin.

A 1922 1,000 Mark note
Issued by Reichsbankdirektion Berlin.

A 1910 20 Mark note
Issued by Reichsbankdirektion Berlin.

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