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Lot #1509

Mexico 21 Different 19th Century. A nice sampler of good quality classic Mexican stamps. Includes some early Hidalgo issues, a nice run of various Numerals, and a few Mulitas.


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Lot #1455

Jamaica Back of Book. Ten different desirable early issues. War Tax and Official overprints. Also some Judicial overprints not listed in Scott. Good quality, clean lot.


Lot #1424

Panama – 50 different older used. A nice variety of nineteenth century to the late 1950s. Includes some airmail and other back-of-the book. Overall good condition.


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Lot #1471

Netherlands Scott #B194 - #B198. Semipostal with surtax to raise money for cultural and social purposes. Very attractive used set with light cancels. A little messy on the back with hinge remnants.


Lot #1469

Germany Hyperinflation Era. Nice group of 41 different from the 1921-1923 hyperinflation era. Generally better condition. Some heavier hinge remnants.


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Lot #1464

German Inflation Cover – to Essex, England. October 26, 1923. Franked for 30,000,000 marks with a strip of three Scott #286, (10,000,000 marks).


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Lot #1497

US Advertising Cover - Better Sox Knitting Mills.
Fort Atkinson Wisconsin to Chester Pennsylvania 1919. Great use of color on this commercial cover from Better Sox Knitting Mills. Minor wear and a rough corner don’t detract much from the overall impact.


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Lot #1437

Hong Kong Scott #1351-56 Museum Collections (Paintings and Calligraphy). Mint never hinged.


Lot #1412

45 Different Bolivia Mint and Used.

Includes mint and used, definitives and commemoratives, with some earlies. Overall nice, good quality lot.


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Lot #1413

Turkey Semi-Postal Scott #B287 & #B288. Mint never hinged.

Stunning 2008 semi-postal issue from Turkey honors 11th century scholar Kasgarli Mahmut. Also a great addition for a horse themed topical collection.


Lot #1458

Russia Scott #2216 - #2218. Mint never hinged. Three stamps from Russia's 1950s animals series. Features the Red Squirrel, Pine Marten, and Hazel Hen.


Lot #1459

Russia Scott #5757 - #5760 Cultivated lilies. Mint never hinged. Set of four illustrating Lilium speciosum, African queen, Eclat du soir, and White tiger.


Lot #1428

Korea - Scott #2284a-d - Dangun Wanggeom. Mint never hinged. According to legend, Dangun Wanggeom was the founder of Gojoseon the first kingdom of Korea. This four stamp set issued in 2008 illustrates various scenes from the Dangun story.


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